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Transform Your Relationships By Understanding Who
You Are In Relationship

Heal Past Relationships So That You Don't Carry Old Baggage Into Your Current or Future Relationship

Learn Where You Are Lacking Boundaries & How to 
Implement Them In Your Life NOW

Shift Your Perspective On
Your Role In Your Relationships And Find Your Power

Get Real Tools That You Can Use Practically To
Make Lasting Changes

Unlock Energy That Has Been Taken Up By Unwanted 
Behavior Patterns
Do you have the relationship you want?
Do you feel like your current relationship could use a tune up?  
Do you keep dating the same kind of person over and over hoping for a different outcome? 
Do you want to change your partner (now or in previous relationship)?
Have you struggled with hoping for a fairy tale that always seems to end in disappointment? 
Do you feel like you are always chasing and the love you want eludes you? 
Do you feel like you need to change yourself or look different because somehow you are never “enough” or always “too much”?
Do you spend a lot of time browsing dating sites or texting with potential dates?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here is the good news: There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken.

You just may need a RELATIONSHIP DETOX!   

If you have ever done a food detox or elimination diet, you know how good it feels to get your body back to it's natural state.  

Toxins and waste build up in our bodies and we flush them out and we feel amazing.  
Doing a relationship detox is similar.  

Over time we build up resentments, patterns, and fears that effect our ability to connect with people and have the relationships we want.

In this program we aim to move away from the kind of relationship advice that gives you “tips and tricks” of how to “Find” and “Keep” “the One”. 

We will give you the tools to look at previous or current relationships and so you can identify what patterns are there, find gratitude for the lessons they provide and shift into a mindset that allows us to see them in real time going forward.
Digital Program Outline
Over the course you will be guided through a 
four part process via Workbook, Video Modules, Previously Recorded Calls, & 
Private Facebook Community
    Part One : Foundation

In preparation for the deep work that this course undertakes, we will spend some time preparing by looking at beliefs around relationships as well as how resistance shows up in your life.

  • A deep look at what beliefs you have around relationships
  • A clear understanding of what your Resistance looks like and identifying healthy alternatives
  • An outline of "Hell Yes" and "No way!"s
    Part Two : The Relationship Chronology

This work will be the core of the course and is simple yet deep and profound.  The Relationship Chronology is a powerful tool that audits your relationship history from childhood to present day, illuminating hidden patterns along the way.

  • A deeply healing process of looking at the past to learn from previous experiences
  • Strips out the WHO of the past leaving patterns that are easier to see and work with
  • Greater understanding of the origins and "why" behind your patterns and experiences
    Part Three : Patterns & Lessons

Once the "audit" of the Relationship Detox is done we use that information to look at your patterns and what those patterns are there to teach you.

  • Deeper understanding of self
  • Reframing of negative patterns and behaviors
  • A deeper understanding of what to "DO" when you experience your patterns 
    Part Four : Alchemizing To Gratitude

What if everyone in your life was a divine messenger and they had a special message just for you?  In this section you will see the world through this lens.

  • Heal the past
  • Get a new perspective on past relationships
    BONUS MATERIAL : Relationship As a Mirror

Get an introduction on new practices for doing relationship differently.

Hi! I'm Perri Chase and I am a coach who helps people transform their lives and businesses. 
I am the creator of Relationship Detox.
After years of failed relationships, and struggling with choosing the wrong men, I did some deep work and transformed my relationships. I was able to rewrite my story, learn new tools of relating and apply that not just to my romantic relationships but ALL my relationships. I am married to an incredible man who I never would have been able to attract or stay in relationship with before doing this work. We have a new baby girl and we couldn't be happier.

It is my passion to bring this work to others so they can experience the incredible changes I, and so many others have.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is this course for?

A: Great question!
This is for anyone who is looking to have more connection, gr
 This course is suitable for literally ANYONE in ANY type of relationship. 
You can be single, recently broken up, dating, engaged married, etc. Why? 
Because Relationship Detox is about YOU and who you show up as in all your relationships. 
The state of your current relationship doesn't effect the course at all!

Q: Are there live classes?

There are 5 Q&A Livestreams between November 1- Dec 15 2017 that will be recorded. 
The dates and times will most likely be Sundays 5pm PST but are subject to change.
There may be other impromptu Livestreams in the Facebook Group

Q: What if I can't make the livestreams?

It is ok. Honestly. If you do the work and follow the instructions, watch the videos and recordings and stay connected in the Facebook group, you will get all the benefit without making the livestreams. Promise.

Q: I really want to do this but money is tight, what are my options?

A: Two things, 
1) I created an affordable payment plan for this course so that money was not the thing to stop you from doing this work.  

2) The transformation from this course is so life altering that it is 150% worth it. 
From our last class one woman told us that less than six months later she was earning double what she earned before because she had the tools to know she was worth it and asked for it. 
There is a huge trend of people's businesses and jobs really taking off after taking this course.

Q: I want to focus on other kinds of relationships like professional relationships, is this the right course for me?

A: In my experience, even if you think you are good on the romantic side, looking at your history of romantic relationships can shed a lot of light on professional and other relationships. However, this year I am hosting a year long Mastermind which includes Relationship Detox, Career Detox, Presence, and Business Boundaries and live coaching with me. If you are interested in this extended program, please schedule a call with me here.
Still unsure or have questions? Schedule a call....
Prerecorded Q & A Livestreams   
 Lifetime access to private Facebook community
 Lifetime access to course content and membership portal
LIVE access to written coaching with Perri in the Facebook Group
  Lifetime access to the Digital Program and all of the above
 8x 60 minute small live group coaching calls with Perri
 Lifetime access to private Facebook community
Praise for The Relationship Detox.....

"The Relationship Detox allowed me to get my fire back! It revealed my lifelong old patterns that were just coping mechanisms to not actually getting to know myself. With Perri’s fabulous coaching skills and refreshing ability to relate, along with the closed Facebook group of others who were on the same journey, I was granted a safe space to really delve into my relationships with other people, and most importantly myself. This course will always be the blueprint that I go back to when continuing on my journey of self growth. This is beautiful, hard work that I would recommend to anybody who is willing to shed old layers and actually get to the core of why they have been having unsatisfying and unhealthy relationships their whole life. 

 This course found me exactly when I needed it to and I couldn’t be more satisfied with where I am today. I have learned so many new tools in showing up in my current relationship and being able to ask for what I need with open ears. I have successfully shifted my energy off of my partner and onto myself, which has allowed us both the space to grow immensely. It is such a gift! I’m amazed with myself and my partner all the time. I never knew a relationship like this was possible and I am a real example of how this work can entirely shift a dull and dying relationship. Thank you so much Perri! I really cannot express my gratitude enough!!"
Rhonda S.

The Relationship Detox course brought me out of the dark and into light! I had prided myself on having done so much personal development work over the span of a decade...yet, I was still recreating the SAME relationship over and over again and couldn't understand HOW?! It was the million dollar question that eluded me as to why I had come this far in my life and still could not have a satisfying relationship! This course not only helped me really identify but also peel back the layers of "protection" (those pesky patterns that kept me stuck!) I thought I needed to navigate relationships. Through this experience, I was able to give myself permission to finally LET GO of them and learn to love MYSELF in all of my authentic and vulnerable splendor. After a 2 1/2 year hiatus from dating, I am feeling more connected with myself and feel ready to get back out there now with more clarity than ever before! What I loved most about working with Perri is her coaching style of which I like to call "straight up - no chaser, but with a dollop of love" and that is how I prefer to be coached, in order to get past my "stories" and get to the real underpinnings I needed to heal. I was a bit shy about being in a group setting, however the space that Perri creates and holds for the members is one of unity, love, and healing. To have so many wonderful ladies to relate to, I never felt "alone" in this piece of my journey! In fact, I have already recommended this course to several of my dear personal friends and they are chomping at the bit for the next one! Thank you, Perri!"

Latrece J

"The Relationship Detox program gave me way more then I could have ever imagined. It came at the perfect time for me as I was not in a current relationship, but still healing from "the Mack Truck" bottom relationship from almost two years ago. In this vulnerable and sometimes challenging work I have learned so much more about myself then I could have imagined. Working alongside others who had similar experiences I felt a sense of closeness and really found myself opening up and peeling away layers to get out of my comfort zone which I thought was protecting me, but it was actually making me miserable. I appreciate Perri's authenticity and her encouragement to look within. I love love love that she is real & straight to the point, no BS, but also very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to know their authentic self."

Rachelle C.

"There are multiple layers of awakening and growth that happened during the Relationship Detox with Perri. She was able to to see past my own confusion and shine a precise light on my core issues, consequently causing all else that didn't serve me to melt away. She allowed no space for my own bullsh*t and compassionately guided me through the work that needed to be done for healing and awareness. Perri's relationship course allowed everyone to open up while skillfully keeping us on track with the program. Her coaching style feels like it comes from a space of acceptance, experience, and curiosity. I am very honored and feel joyed to have been able to receive coaching from Perri."

Francis S.

"...Perri guided and encouraged me through the process of peeling back the layers of my past relationships to give me the power to see the roles I played in my past relationships and highlight the places where I am repeating patterns that no longer serve me. And most of all she has given me the tools to learn how to improve the most important relationship - the one with myself.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to dramatically raise your level of self awareness around your current or future relationships."

Tami B.

"The Relationship Detox was, for me, more than just guidance or advice on specific subjects or themes in my life. It was the push I needed to cross the threshold into the higher level of truth in my life that I was desperately trying to find on my own. My favorite part about Perri's method is that it’s not only applicable to romantic relationships, but really any aspect of your life. 

Honestly, if I hadn’t taken this program I’d probably still be here lying to myself around the people I chose to date and the processes behind the decisions I make on a regular basis. It was through a friend that had previously taken her program that I’d found Perri and The School of Alchemy, and I consider meeting the both of them and eventually getting to this point one of the luckiest occurrences in my life to date. Do you want truth? Do you want honest growth? Do you want the tools to get out of that cycle you’re in? Take this program." 

Devin B.

"The Relationship Detox was an amazing course for me, and found me at exactly the right time. The coursework opened my eyes to so many patterns that i was unaware of, and new awareness gives me the opportunity to show up in a different way. Perri is a rockstar coach and course leader, and the community was so supportive. This was the best money I've spent all year, I got way more than I'd even hoped for. Thank you, Perri! Endless gratitude."

Tiffany N.

Still unsure or have questions? Schedule a call....
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